Regulation of Counselling and Psychotherapy

Should counselling and Psychotherapy be regulated? This question started for me when I was training to be a counsellor back in 2003. It was often debated amongst my peers as there were some who against regulation. I have always been in favour of regulation and was disappointed when it was decided by Health Professional Regulation not to regulate …

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Walk Talk Therapy in Sheffield

A few years ago, I came across a book called ‘Working it out: Using exercise in Psychotherapy’.  This book highlights that walking during counselling or therapy: Encourages a client to be more physical active Helps a client get ‘unstuck’ when talking about difficult issues Physical activity increases creative and deeper thinking

My happiness box makes me feel happy

Reflection of happiness Recently a fellow colleague helped me out with my BACP accreditation by taking the time to read it and provide some critical feedback. I did not know this person very well but was grateful and happy that they had given me their time. When I found out that I had been awarded my …

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Self-disclosure of a counsellor

In order for a counsellor to remain focused on the client, self-disclosure during a session is not encouraged. Self-disclosure is sharing information with your client that they would not know about you. It is generally felt that self-disclosure of a counsellor may get in the way of the client’s journey. The counsellor’s past and issues, …

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