Personal perspective

Learn to live in the here and now

The past is a realm of memories, experiences, and lessons that have shaped us into who we are today. However, dwelling on the past can become a hindrance to our personal growth and overall happiness. We forget to live in the here and now. We need to change out thinking and learn to live in …

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Blogging for Counsellors

Blogging for Counsellors  Why create a counselling blog? Blogging for counsellors helps give clients (and other professionals) an indication of what counselling areas you specialise in and it demonstrates what you know.   Blogging helps build your writing skills. It allows time for reflection. It increases your knowledge of the counselling process, different areas of …

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Motivations to being a counsellor

Motivations to being a counsellor When I first began my counselling diploma at Sheffield Hallam University in 2003, I never knew how much I would be more aware of myself or how it would change my thinking or who it would affect the way I interact with my peers, friends and colleagues. I did not …

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Building a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee

Positive Supervisee Relationship A positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee is important. Millar, Holloway and Henderson (2014) say that encouragement is at the heart of a counselling supervisory relationship. They emphasise the need to build an equal relationship. So how is a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee achieved? Maintaining ethics A contract between the counsellor and supervisor

Changes in Counselling Profession

I have seen various developments and changes within counselling profession over the last 15 years. More courses are available, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) membership has vastly increased and more counsellors are becoming private practitioners.  Counsellors and organisations have to market themselves and approach their counselling work with a business head. Online