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Life experience shaping a counsellor

life experience shaping a counsellorSelf-awareness grows over a period of time and with exploration.  My self-awareness has been shaped by my life experiences, through the help of counselling and through self-reflection.  This has helped me to learn to understand myself, my reactions and understand my own values.  In my early twenties I experienced a traumatic bereavement and I will demonstrate how this life experience shaped me as a counsellor. Continue reading

Benefits of a manager using Counselling Skills

I’m sure we have all worked with someone who misses deadlines, is uninterested in the job or counselling skills in the workplacewho is regularly late or absent. This can cause problems in the workplace and affect performance of a team. Often when an employee is disengaged there is a reason.  It may be because the employee has been bereaved, is going through divorce, their child sick or they are suffering from depression.  Alternatively it could be because they are unmotivated, feel bullied or are suffering stress. It is essential that employers support these employees by using different counselling skills rather than thinking of ways of getting rid of them. Continue reading