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What is Postnatal Depression?

Having a new baby can be a joyous occasion. However, experts believe that about 10 – 15% of women experience some kind of depression after giving birth.  This can often be as simple as a mother just not feeling herself. If this continues, the initial feelings can become more pervasive, and without interventions or treatment, can result in Post Natal Depression (PND). Continue reading

Helping the grieving – be a compassionate friend

Following on from my blog post on dealing with grief in Western Society this posting is a helpful guide to how you can support a friend or relative through their bereavement.

Supporting a grieving person through grief

When family or friends are grieving a loved one, people want to be there for them but often find ourselves not knowing what to say or they are afraid of intruding. Continue reading

Inspiring books

Inspirational bookToday is National Library Day #NLD14.  Our local libraries are a good starting point for getting hold of self-help books.

I find that books in different stages of my life, have offered me inspiration and guidance throughout my life.

I continue to look out for recommended books that can offer inspiration to me. Continue reading