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Dealing with loss or bereavment

grief quoteSerious loss is something we will all experience at some point of time in our lives. This may be because of the death of a loved one or it may be circumstances such as miscarriage or loss of a job. Sometimes we do not experience loss or bereavement until later in life and have had some opportunity to learn about death and how people are affected by grief. However, whenever we experience loss or bereavement, we often do not know ‘how to grieve’ or how we should respond to our loss. Continue reading

Counselling in Sheffield

counselling in sheffieldFinding the right counsellor for you.

We can find a lot of information about counselling and the service that counsellor’s offer in Sheffield and worldwide. Committing to counselling can be a difficult decision and often an intimidating one. It is often not easy to admit that are you feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. You want to find a counsellor that you trust and one that works to a high standard. But then you have a difficult dilemma of finding a counsellor. If you look at the Counselling directory you will see there are over 1200 counsellors with just over 100 counsellors in Sheffield alone. I am sure if you are considering counselling this can make you feel confused. What is counselling all about? Who and what counsellor do you choose? It’s a tricky choice and decision. Continue reading

Dealing with Mental health Problems

IMAG0594What is poor mental health?

About a quarter of the population experience some kind of mental health problem in any one year ( People who are diagnosed with poor mental health or distress often have feelings or behave in ways which are unacceptable to themselves or others. It also makes them think and feel in a different way.

Some of these people are treated with drugs but it is felt that seeing people problems with feelings and behaviours as illnesses that require medical treatment is too narrow a view. It discourages us from thinking about the many influences on person’s life, which can cause this distress. And it stops us exploring the various non-medical options open to people for overcoming their difficulties.
Continue reading

Professional and Ethical practice for the Counsellor – Using Social Media

counselling trust Social media and Counsellors

Counsellors are recognised for providing a safe, confidential space to help individuals with any crisis they may face in their life. Emerging technologies are rapidly changing the face of counselling, especially with regard to the use of social media. Many amongst the counselling profession question whether social media can be used ethically, without ruining the therapeutic relationship between the client and counsellor. I believe there is a place for responsible social media use within counselling, but it is important to think about how we as counsellors, represent ourselves in the social media world. Continue reading