Couple Counselling

In your relationship, are you experiencing conflict, loss of intimacy, conflict, loss of trust or threat of separation and at a loss of what to do next? Then look at couple counselling.

Couple counselling …..

  • will enable you to gain confidence to express your feelings towards each other and to find the skills to manage the conflict.
  • will enable to communicate to each other. Communication is essential for a relationship and by understanding each other it can help you see and understand what is going on in your relationship.
  • Help you find a solution to moving forward either together or through separation.

With my long experience as a counsellor and trained as couple/relationship counsellor, I can help you find a way to communicate with each other and to find an agreeable way forward.

How does couple counselling work?

For couple counselling to work, you have to come together and both willing to undertake the counselling. I will not have the answers or guide you in one direction but I will give you both time to explore and understand each other, whatever the outcome.

What couples do you support?

I support couples of heterosexual, same sex relationships whether you are married or co-habiting. I also support couples who may be thinking of divorce or separation and wish to find a way forward of maintain the communication afterwards, especially when there are children involved.

How does couple counselling work?

We will meet either weekly or fortnightly for 50 minutes each session. Throughout our sessions together I will give you time to reflect and improve your communication. I may use tools from my counselling box to help improve your understanding of your situation or each other. The number of sessions depends on you and how many you feel will be beneficial to you both.

Where does it take place?

I can offer couple counselling at my practice in Netheredge, Sheffield, S7 or via Skype. In our first session we will begin to explore your issues and for you both to agree what you need to work on. All sessions will last 50 minutes and we will agree together how many sessions will be suitable for you.

If you want more information, then contact me on 07814 363855.