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Creative Therapy – Expressing Feelings

writing therapyMy counselling is based on the person centred approach which means that I am client led and I believe that each individual has resources within themselves to find their own answers. However, there are times when a client needs guidance along their journey or they find it difficult to express their feelings. An effective counselling tool I use with my clients is creative therapy. This blog post will look at what is creative therapy and what are the ways I use it with my clients. Continue reading

What makes a good counselling supervisor?

qualities of a counselling supervisorA few years ago after gaining the certificate in counselling supervision it led me to reflect and re-evaluate my own supervision sessions.  Was I getting the best out of my supervision?

My supervisor and I had an open and frank discussion about the different aspects of my own supervision. We focused on what I have found helpful and unhelpful throughout my supervision. We re-assessed our work together and for me to take a fresh look at what I was contributing and what positive changes I could make.

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5 steps for dealing with mothers day when you have post-natal depression

PND and mothers dayReflection on Mothers Day

Last night my daughter was feeling off it and she just wanted to be hugged. As she is rapidly growing up and not always asking for this, I relished in holding her and being able to offer her comfort.  My daughter constantly chatters and she could not resist talking whilst we were having a quiet moment! She was telling me about her card she is making for me on Mother’s Day at school and was asking me about Mother’s Day. Continue reading