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Psychological effects of cancer

psychological effect of cancerWith the sad passing of Linda Bellingham this week we are reminded again of the heartache and destruction that cancer brings into people’s lives. Linda was remarkable in allowing us to get a glimpse of her cancer illness showing us her strength and determination to die with dignity. It feels as though she was trying not to let the disease affect her mental well-being. Terminal cancer is a painful, destructive disease for the victims and can bring emotional turmoil to the victim families. Clients have shared with me the psychological effects of cancer they face and I am touched at the strength and determination they portray. Continue reading

Negative Thinking Habits

Negative thinking habits

Negative thinking habits

We all have a running commentary of thoughts going on in our head in every situation we are in. These thoughts can be positive and therefore helpful to us. On the other hand if our thoughts are negative they will be become unhelpful to us. Negative thinking can lead to greater stress and unhappiness. It is a way of thinking about yourself and the world which distorts how situations really are. I am going to describe some common habits of negative thinking. See how many apply to you. Continue reading

Positive self-talk for coping with anxiety

Positive self-talk for coping with anxietyAnxiety often leads us to start thinking negatively. We react without thinking and before we know it we are more anxious and the negative thoughts start to flow through our mind. This can then affect our feelings, behaviour and body reactions. In our anxious state our thoughts tend to be exaggerated and contain some distortion.  It is important when we have the feelings  of anxiety that we turn these negative thoughts into positive self-talk. This will help relieve the anxiety as well stop us saying anything that we might regret at a later date. Continue reading