Sheffield counselling

Sheffield counselling is provided by Hazel Hill. Hazel is based in Netheredge, Sheffield. Hazel is a BACP Accredited Counsellor. Hazel counselling practice is centrally located in Sheffield. It is easy to reach from S2, S6, S7, S8, S13, S11 and S10. As it is near Abbeydale Road, it is not far from Chesterfield or Rotherham.

Sheffield Counselling is easily reached by bus Number 3. There is also plenty on-road parking.

Therapist at Sheffield Refugee Council

New Opportunity…. Therapist at Sheffield Refugee Council  A blast from the past A few months ago, I visited my local walk-in clinic and was seen by a nurse who was born and bred in Kosovo. It was a delight to chat to her about her home country, the places I had visited and the growth …

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Walk Talk Therapy in Sheffield

A few years ago, I came across a book called ‘Working it out: Using exercise in Psychotherapy’.  This book highlights that walking during counselling or therapy: Encourages a client to be more physical active Helps a client get ‘unstuck’ when talking about difficult issues Physical activity increases creative and deeper thinking

What is integrative counselling?

It is often confusing hearing about different counselling models that counsellor’s use –  Person-centred, psychodynamic, Transactional Analyse, integrative counselling etc. Which one will work and how do you choose?  I personally feel each model has its own value and can work for all types of different problems. The important part is that the counsellor is …

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