The unsent letter

Writing therapy is a powerful  tool, which can be used both in and out of the counselling room. One method I often use in the counselling room is writing unsent letters. Writing unsent letters is a powerful exercise for individuals to express their deepest emotions and confront unresolved feelings in a safe way.

Inspiration and Adaptation

My own journey into writing therapy was sparked by Gillie Bolton, who advocates for writing as a raw and uninhibited expression of one’s emotions. This inspiration led me to incorporate writing therapy into my own healing process and, subsequently, adapt it into my counselling work with my clients. Encouraging clients to write as they feel, I have witnessed how it helps clients express and understand their emotions. This helps them understand their emotions and find some peace.

The Unsent Letter: Therapeutic Outlet:

One powerful way of of writing therapy is the unsent letter, a tool especially beneficial for those mourning the sudden loss of a loved one or a relationship breakup. When faced with unanswered questions and unspoken thoughts, individuals often struggle to find closure. By encouraging them to write a letter to the departed, unexpressed emotions find a voice. This process highlights unrecognised feelings and provides a helpful outlet, enabling clients to process their grief and begin the journey towards healing.

Letting Go and Moving Forward

Clients, in their vulnerability, rarely share these letters with me, choosing instead to destroy them when they are ready. Burning or tearing up the letter can be a symbolic act of letting go, allowing them to move forward. For some, this exercise serves as an inspiration to continue writing, opening the door to further self-exploration. Unsent letters have proven invaluable, whether directed at deceased loved ones, past partners, or parents or bullying bosses. Unsent letters allows, emotions to be expressed but also helps the counselling process in providing deeper healing.

Write freely

If you’re contemplating expressing your feelings through writing, write freely. Let the pen flow. Do not worry about grammar or punctuation. . Maybe you would like to try writing about your feelings? Just write as you feel. Don’t worry about the grammar, punctuation etc. Give it a go as you can do it on your own, anywhere. If you have tried writing therapy has it worked for you?