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Benefits of a manager using Counselling Skills

I’m sure we have all worked with someone who misses deadlines, is uninterested in the job or counselling skills in the workplacewho is regularly late or absent. This can cause problems in the workplace and affect performance of a team. Often when an employee is disengaged there is a reason.  It may be because the employee has been bereaved, is going through divorce, their child sick or they are suffering from depression.  Alternatively it could be because they are unmotivated, feel bullied or are suffering stress. It is essential that employers support these employees by using different counselling skills rather than thinking of ways of getting rid of them. Continue reading

What is integrative counselling?

what is integrative counsellingIt is often confusing hearing about different counselling models that counsellor’s use –  Person-centred, psychodynamic, Transactional Analyse, integrative counselling etc. Which one will work and how do you choose?  I personally feel each model has its own value and can work for all types of different problems. The important part is that the counsellor is committed to their counselling model and their values. I am an integrative counsellor. Often my clients say to me that initially whether they feel heard and connected to the counsellor helps them decide whether they continue with the counselling. So what is integrative counselling? Continue reading

What is the difference between counselling and counselling skills?

Wwhat is counselling skillshat are Counselling Skills?

Counselling skills can be used every day whether it is in our job as a helper or just listening to a distressed friend. The art of being listened too can be practised by almost anybody and the effectiveness of being actively listened to can have a huge impact on our lives as it can enable us to feel better about ourselves.  Counselling skills help us communicate effectively and enable us to relate better to the people we are talking to. Continue reading