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Blogging for counsellors is important to help with marketing. It also gives you an opportunity to let everyone know what experience you have, and enables you to share the knowledge that you have.

Blogging for counsellors can be found under the hash tag #counsellorblogger

Best way to start a blog is to use WordPress. If you want further information follow me on @hazehill or contact me.

6 easy steps to creating an online blog

Creating a blog online is relatively easy.

The fastest way is set a blog up in WordPress or Blogger. I use WordPress as I find it easy to use. I can choose my own themes, layouts and there are plenty of free plug-ins that add functionality to my blog.  I have created the blog and website myself and I continue to manage myself. I pay for my domain name only. Everything else is free!

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Blogging for Counsellors

Blogging for Counsellors

 Why create a counselling blog?

  1. Blogging for counsellors helps give clients (and other professionals) an indication of what counselling areas you specialise in and it demonstrates what you know.


  1. Blogging helps build your writing skills. It allows time for reflection. It increases your knowledge of the counselling process, different areas of mental health and the techniques that you use.

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