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counselling in sheffieldFinding the right counsellor for you.

We can find a lot of information about counselling and the service that counsellor’s offer in Sheffield and worldwide. Committing to counselling can be a difficult decision and often an intimidating one. It is often not easy to admit that are you feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. You want to find a counsellor that you trust and one that works to a high standard. But then you have a difficult dilemma of finding a counsellor. If you look at the Counselling directory you will see there are over 1200 counsellors with just over 100 counsellors in Sheffield alone. I am sure if you are considering counselling this can make you feel confused. What is counselling all about? Who and what counsellor do you choose? It’s a tricky choice and decision.

What is counselling?

Counselling is to provide an opportunity for a client to work towards living in a more satisfying and resourceful way. Counselling should be voluntarily with the client choosing to be with the counsellor. The counsellor should help the client find their own solutions and should not tell the client what they should do. The client must make all their own decisions and this must be respected by the counsellor.

Before the counselling starts, the counsellor clarifies with the client the basis on which counselling is to be given, including method, duration, fees and confidentiality. All that takes place between counselling and the client is treated with respect and discretion. The counsellor will always work towards the best interest of the client and will ensure that the client receives an appropriate ending.

How do I choose the right counsellor for me?

Personality between you and the counsellor is an important part. Have a look at the counsellor’s details. Some questions to ask yourself are : Do you like what you read? Do they have experience to help you tackle your issue? I feel one of the most important thing is to ensure your counsellor is associated to a professional membership, such as British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP, ) UK council for Psychotherapy ( UKCP) or National Counselling Society. This means your counsellor has undertaken professional training and adheres to an ethical framework.

Your counsellor will work with a counselling model and will be clear in the way they work. There a three main areas of counselling – behavioural, psycho-dynamic and humanistic. Some counsellors will stick to just one of these areas whereas others will integrate different techniques. They all work but can suit different types of people and different problems.

Counsellors will continually monitor their own skills, experience, resources and practice. To help them do this they will undertake continuing professional development and will receive regular and appropriate supervision as well as consultative support. Counsellors will have an awareness of diversity and will not let culture, social, gender etc. affect the counselling they give or the way they treat their clients.

Counsellors must practice ethically and will not abuse their position of trust financially, emotionally or sexually.  This means they will also provide a counselling service in those areas which they are competent to do so. All counsellors must hold private indemnity insurance. You can ask to see this.

Hopefully this short guide will help you find the right counsellor for you. 

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Hazel Hill is a BACP Accredited counsellor and supervisor with over 20 years experience. She provides face to face counselling, as well as walk talk therapy in Sheffield to individual and couples. She also provides online counselling for aid workers and road traffic trauma. Hazel, as a qualified supervisor, also helps trainee counsellors, and supervisees applying for Accreditation. You can ring her on 07814 363855 to book an appointment now.

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