Spring is here …..Time for new Beginnings

new beginning and new transitionsSpring is here!  Time for new beginnings.

Trees are beginning to turn green, gardens are full of blue and yellow flower and lambs are being born. New beginnings in nature are beginning to happen. It’s therefore an ideal opportunity to reflect on your own life and begin to think about your new beginnings. But before you do this, think about your life transitions. Have you let go of the past?

Transitions in our life

Every transition or new beginning in your life begins with an ending. Most transitions that occur in our life are uneventful and can pass us by. However, major transitions for example, like bereavement, divorce, miscarriage or new job can involve major life changes, which are difficult to face. They can bring up many different emotions and we are often forced to reflect on our values and ourselves. We need to do this to help us grow.  The more we learn about ourselves and learn how to cope with these changes effectively, the stronger we become. Additionally our insights into our selves can help us gain new skills to cope with future transitions.

Rushing ahead

More often than not we are so keen to rush into our new transition and make a new beginning that it can have negative results on us. We can feel lonely, tired, frustrated, resentful or even preoccupied with our past.  In other words we find it difficult to let go of the past.  We hold onto our negative and uncomfortable feelings of the past with us relating our old experiences to the present experiences. This will prevent you from living happily in the present. It is essential that we experience and ‘sort out’ our feelings before we can move onto our new beginning.

So how can you learn to cope with our feelings?

Allow yourself time to experience what you feel. Learn more about your ‘self’. You need to experience what you feel and address the emotional pain. You can do this by starting a diary, writing a story, writing a poem. If this does not appeal you may wish to confide in a friend or seek professional help through a counsellor.

Write down what you have lost, what you have gained, what strengths you have gained, weaknesses you can learn from, what do you need to let go off? This will help you value yourself and learn to become stronger. You can do this by either using a mind map by putting yourself in the middle or you could put the headings on a sheet of paper.

Seeing the sunshine and flowers in spring can bring us hope as we can see everything grow. We need to let go of winter and the bad feelings that we are carrying. Embrace the new beginning!

Hazel is a Sheffield Counsellor who can help you explore difficult transitions, enabling you to ‘let go’ and move forward.


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