Employment Assisted Programme

As a BACP Accredited Counsellor, I represent several companies on their Employment Assistant Programmes (EAPs). It is mainly to companies based in Sheffield or Rotherham.

EAPs help to improve employee well-being by offering confidential counselling to help them deal with issues such as depression, bereavement, work stress, bullying etc. All these issues affect employees and this additional support helps them deal with them effectively.

EAPs contact me directly and if I have the availability, I am able to see their clients. I work with Workplace Options, Moving Minds, Insight Health Care, Atos.  I am also an approved counsellor with Avivia Health Insurance and clients who hold Avivia insurance are able to request my counselling services. This work is mainly in my practice in the Wainwright Therapy Centre in Sheffield but I also provide counselling via telephone and Skype.

Throughout this work, I have gained valuable experience to helping work stress and issues that can affect our work motivation and quality of work. Additionally I am able deliver counselling in a short term model using various cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused counselling.

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