walktalkWhat is it?

  • Counselling while talking and walking outside
  • A chance to experience fresh air and be with nature
  • An opportunity to take light exercise
  • Client led

 How it works?

Walk Talk therapy is linking walking with traditional talk therapy. The client and counsellor walk side by side, sharing each step and word. Being outdoors can be less confrontational for a client who is uncomfortable in a traditional counselling setting or is finding it facing a difficult issue.  The client chooses the pace of the walk.

Why Walk Talk Therapy?

Walk Talk Therapy provides a relaxed environment for a client and encourages healthy activity. It is widely accepted that exercise can improve your overall mood as well as help reduce stress and anxiety . Being outdoors allows you to breathe and be with nature. Many people find this meditative, allowing deeper thinking and opportunity to tackle difficult issues, such as grief or loss, anxiety or a life transition.

Where will walk Talk Therapy take place?

The assessment session will take place at my practice at Wainwright Therapy Centre. This Peak Districtensures that we are suitable to work together and that I am the best counsellor to help you address your problem.  It also allows us to contract and agree what we will do if the weather is bad.

Thereafter, all our counselling sessions will start at The Cross Sythes in Totley car park or Graves Park in Sheffield. We will meet at a mutual arranged time and date. We will walk for 50 minutes with you, the client, setting the pace. You may prefer a slower, relaxing session or a fast paced session. If you feel it is necessary to sit down at any time, we will.

How much?

Walk Talk Therapy is £35. Payment is via cash, paypal or bank transfer.

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