Self Care

Self care is important during counselling. These self care articles will give you assistance to care for yourself and advise you ways of moving forward both on your  counselling journey and the future. Click on the link to access the articles.

Mental Health

Counselling journey

What is integrative counselling?

Counselling process and me

Boundaries in counselling

Aid worker becoming a counsellor

Coping with depression

I get angry so easily

The signs of depression

Counselling process and me

Don’t be a victim. Forgive

Bereavement and Loss

Let’s talk about bereavement

Dealing with traumatic bereavement

Grieving in Western Society

Help for the grieving

Dealing with loss and bereavement

The journey through grief

Absent Fathers

Unsent letters

Coping with miscarriage

Stress and Anxiety

Positive self talk for coping with Anxiety

Creative ways of dealing with Anxiety

Take control of your negative thoughts and feelings

Today is a gift

Guilty of procrastinating

Work Stress and Bullying

Workplace bullying

Post-natal depression

What is post-natal depression

How counselling helped post-natal depression

Assertiveness and Self Esteem

Helping you become Assertive

Make a happy box

Believe in yourself

Boosting your self-esteem

postive-self talk for coping with anxiety


Counselling for psoriasis

Online counselling

Learning to be an online counsellor

Online counselling

Thank goodness for Skype

How to make your holiday truly therapeutic

Post-natal Depression

What is post natal depression

How counselling helped post-natal depression

Why do I feel so low after the birth of my baby?

Walk Talk Therapy

Introduction to Walk Talk Therapy

The Counsellor and BACP ethics

Counselling Supervision

Self-disclosure of a counsellor

Twitter guide for counsellors

Counsellors using social media

Writing a clinical will

Changes in counselling profession

Regulation of counselling

Book Reviews

Inspiring Books


online counselling Supervision

Counselling/Suprevisee Relationship

Qualities needed for a good supervisor

Counselling Supervision