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Building a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee

Positive Supervisee Relationship

A positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee is important. Millar, Holloway and Henderson (2014) say that encouragement is at the heart of a counselling supervisory relationship. They emphasise the need to build an equal relationship. So how is a positive relationship between supervisor and supervisee achieved?

Maintaining ethics

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What makes a good counselling supervisor?

qualities of a counselling supervisorAn advantage of attending a counselling supervision course is that it has helped me reflect and evaluate my own supervision sessions. This led me to have an open and frank discussion with my own supervisor about the different aspects of my supervision. We were able to focus on what I have found helpful and unhelpful throughout my supervision. This enabled us to reassess our work together and for me to take a fresh look at what I was contributing and what positive changes I could make.

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