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Birds have anxiety

A new acquisition in our therapy room that I rent from cornerstone has been the book All birds have anxiety by Kathy Hoopmann. This anxiety book is there for clients to browse at. All birds have anxiety is aimed at children but I feel it is an useful and fun read for anyone experiencing anxiety or wanting to find out what anxiety is all about. It is written in an easy to understand language with just the right empathy and even with some humour.

If your child is suffering from anxiety, its important to start a conversation with your child about stress and anxiety. A great way to start this is through a book. Birds have anxiety so why can’t we?

The book clearly is a guide to help children understand what it means to have anxiety. Sometimes anxiety is good if it helps us achieve our goals but when anxiety stops us doing things on a day to day basis, we need to find coping strateiges to try to help control the anxiety. The anxiety coping techniques touches upon some useful CBT techniques but in a friendly approachable way – cuddling a pet, eating well and exercise.

As you can see from the picture of on the right each page is full of bright and beautiful pictures of bird. These natural birds are photographed in what can appear as an anxious state to help illustrate what it feels like when we’re anxious.

The author, Katty, then cleverly uses captions of words to go alongside these pictures. It is a book that can encourage a child to talk about anxiety and to help them understand any of their friends who experience anxiety too.


Heres some feedback from clients and friends children:

It helps me understand that I am not alone, one client recently commented to me, and helps me reflect when my anxiety is a problem to stopping me doing things.’

I was struck by the pictures and related phrases to certain birds. The owl says anxiety is not my fault and it will not rule me. The bird with spikey hairs says it isn’t the end of the world if i make mistakes’

A humouous way to explain anxiety. I need a pet to hug!

Other books which can help children overcome anxiety are:

For Young children

What to do when you worry too much – A kids guide to overcome anxiety
Cool cats, calm kids by Mary Williams
Wilma Jean the worry machine by Juilia cook

And a helpful video for young children

For teenagers
Stress 101
Anxiety sucks
Anxiety survival guide for teenagers
A still quiet place for teens

I worry what people think of me and if they like me

I worry what people think of me

I can’t do that as people may judge me!

No-one likes me.

What happens if I’m rejected?

Sound familiar? These are common statements that I often hear my clients say. Often clients judge themselves on how popular they are or they will spend a lot of time worrying what people think of them or if they like them. The need to be liked by everyone only creates worry, anxiety and often loneliness. I find with my clients that it is common for them to worry more about people they do not know well. They spend lots of energy trying to please people who are not important to them.

Focus on those who matter

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Understanding Panic Attacks

understanding panic attacksWhat are panic attacks?

Panic attacks are common, occurring in at least five per cent of the population. Many clients come to me who have experienced panic attacks. A common remark is that clients feel their panic attacks are misunderstood and dismissed by other people. Panic attacks are not signs of weakness Continue reading

The Stigma of Mental Health

Experiencing stigma of mental health

stigma mental healthThe other month, I was in a meeting of a social group. One member (who I shall call Katie) was told the group that they were physically unwell. The general response from the group was advising Katie to take it easy with a few people offered to help her out with her set tasks. Another member (Harriet) mentioned they suffered from anxiety. Alarming, than rather asking Harriet how they could best support her with her anxiety, a member suggested that they should put themselves in a situation where they feel anxious to help them overcome it Continue reading

New Year… Positive Changes rather than Resolutions

Broken resolutions

Positive changes in New YearI’m sure we can all think about New Year’s resolutions that we have made and broken.  I know that I can think of some!  Making new resolutions is often about changing our bad habits or becoming fitter. For example I often hear New Year resolutions of people stopping smoking or drinking Continue reading

Relationship between thoughts and feelings

thought and feeling relationshipFeelings affect us

Positive or negative feelings affect what happen to us. For example, if we are given a birthday present, we feel elated and happy, but if our child breaks our birthday present, we feel angry and upset.  In other words, the situation we are in has a direct effect on our feelings.

Thoughts control our feelings

However, it can be more complicated. Continue reading

Steps to beating job burnout



Job burnout

Job burnout

The last post on stress at work looked at what the warning signs of work stress were. This post will look at steps to take to help you tackle stress at work and beat job burnout.

As soon as the first signs of stress at work appear action must be taken and you need to recognise the problem. Recognition and acceptance is the key to a series of importance steps to be taken.




The following are useful steps to take to help relieve stress and prevent job burnout: Continue reading